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An Alligator Safety Guide


An alligator shares a footpath with humans.SAFETY TIPS

By the Dozen*


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1.Be aware on, in or near water. 2. Never approach an alligator.
3. Be extra aware during
the warmer seasons.
4. Never feed or entice an alligator.
5. Report illegal feeding or enticing. 6. Contact authorities if you suspect
a threatening alligator.
7. Create a barrier on your property. 8. If charged, run away
in a straight line.
9. If attacked, fight back. 10. If bitten, seek medical attention.
11. Never take one from the wild. 12. Share your knowledge.



12. Share your knowledge of alligators with others.


Sharing your knowledge of alligators and alligator safety contributes to public safety, and promotes a greater appreciation for the marvels of nature and to a better understanding of our place in it and how our enjoyment of it truly enhances our lives.


Did you know? You can learn to be a Florida naturalist, and teach others what you've learned. Check out the University of Florida's special program for Florida citizens and visitors.


Teaching children is especially beneficial as it helps them avoid the trouble wrought by irrational fears and the fallacies of a pop culture which often portrays alligators wrongly. Furthermore, teaching children instills in them a lifelong appreciation and enjoyment of nature, along with a keen sense of ecology and conservation.


Residents and visitors to alliigator territory should cultivate  a sense of pride in these animals and in their habitat. This reptile has lived almost unchanged for perhaps millions of years, and is now successfully (overall) sharing territory with a large number of humans. We are, in the largest, most important sense, a part of nature. Learning about these animals and about your local environment will improve your quality of life!








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